Gypsy Curse

Shush bitter baby don’t you cry

One day we are all going to die

Turn into flesh and bone and ash

Food for worms, we turn (in) to mash.


Look in the mirror, what do you see?

You littleblood, come sing with me!

Rotten, putrid, callous, fake

The skeletons in my closet don’t eat cake.


I sit under the oracle tree

Asking the gypsies for a plea:

Bring my Munnin back to me!

I caw, I flap, I warble, I shed

Despair is what is summoned instead.


Movement is absent, time elapses

Paralysis is lifestyle (while) the world collapses

The wind blows away memories and dreams.

Pain is what stays to accompany me

Turning my heart into ice cold

Useless piece of meat, filled with mold.


Hurricane DivaState

A difficult way to rhyme…

As difficult as it is to look inside the darker side of our selves.

This poem represents the realisation we are all good / bad / murderers / saints… liars and honest.

Trying to come to terms with actions I do not condone in myself.


I am Diva-state. Where I step

all I take.

I consume you, then castrate

As you will see, I leave a trace.


A red stain lies in your face.

Betrayal, disgust, dirt, disgrace.

Like a bee, I pollinate the place.

Spreading shame, contaminating apes.


The beast within me wants to escape

Destroying all good in my space

A Taz, hurricane, contagious nutcase.

Will never be loved, for it squeezes all it takes.

The Shrew

Love! Such a strange state of affairs!

It binds, it creeps, it provokes despair.


What perfume it exhales

Makes anyone shake their tail

Capsizing, hypnotising

Makes (wo!) men feel like dying.


The milk love pours from,

tastes like rue

I suck from its glands,

Turn into a Shrew

It’s bitter, it’s sweet

It makes me wanna xxx.


Don’t worry my little child!

Have no fear, thou art exiled

Starring blankly, no fox to tame

No one but Self can cause you pain.

Left with a grey haze to pair

Solace comes // Darkness erupts

from having no one to share.



Run, trip, fly away

There is nothing

harder than being gay

Wearing a smile can be so frightful

The strengths and efforts it takes

To show teeth but not soul’s aches.



Don’t you dare! Now you don’t you dare eyeing me up!

My eyes, a portal for sorrows that eat me up

Aiming deep, reaches hurt and it pinches

My well of pain needs securing from the flinches.



I walk all ghostly, without any ground

Hovering through life

Hollow, vacated, fogbound.

If only I was invisible

blind men would not see the cull



I dip in and out of loivfe

While morphing into skull

And the sounds of mauled gulls


Scarring a pump which is rottenly null.