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Are you a poet? Do you enjoy writing poems until your heart is sore or until it soars?

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Chastity Belt

I wear a chastity belt…

I know I’m going to hell

I locked it up myself

And threw the key into that well


I’ll save Men from my shame

Whilst hiding my contagious passion

No one deserves to taste

Decaying flesh as ration.


The line below the waste

Is dangerous,

Any Men who enter these woods,

Would have to be courageous.


The triangle door is protected

By small red leprechaun guards

Men come to then be ejected

From this land of blood and scabs.


The queen of rotten roars:

Nobody comes to the wetlands!

Her lips are lethal and gore,

The venom spills from her glands.

Birth of Words, Death of Pain

Poetry, oh poetry, please come to be

Speak my sorrows of desperation

Because I can’t stop grinding my teeth.


Take my pain and mold it

Stain it, like blood on paper,

Don’t let me hold it.

How come no one thinks it’s ironic

That such devastation and bluntness

Can sound so darn harmonic?!


Who knew, an ugly duckling

Into beautiful art

Could end up turning.

Fly wingless bird, don’t you return!

Whisper these words in The King’s ear

Even despite his unconcern.


Art is the language we use when we want to share

That is why no one’s language can compare

We produce our pitfalls and dreams

We talk mystically…

….and we connect

Dream State


Enter the rabbit hole

Get me into the mood

Put on Joy Division

Listen to it in loop


Anxiety bubbles in

Like ants crawling inside

Fingers are chewed up

Sit or stand? Can’t decide


Staring at the blank wall

I put on my VR goggles

Escape from reality’s decay

World is out, as I boggle


Derealisation sinks in,

Frightening haze blows in my face

My life is like a movie

That I watch, but never play


No steps of salvation to pursue

No gods left to hollow to

I am groundless, shelter-free

I have nothing to hold onto


Ever since you came and left

I live in a constant dream state

In there, you are mine all the time

Don’t want this trance to terminate.


Self partitioned, life goes on.

Heart and mind live in another dimension

While Body showcases an empty citizen’s pretension

Life is a dream, when reality stinks!

*Thank you AiKei for letting me use your drawing to compose my poetry not only through words but by images.

Check this artist out on: http://aminoapps.com/page/drawingamino/4982581/aikei-36

Jekyll and Hyde’s Abode

I am not one, but many beings.
I morph, adapt and fit to the scene.
Jekyll and Hyde are cramped inside
And they come out
Depending on who you inv(c) ite.


Jekyll and Hyde can’t help but fight.
A constant pull and a push of forces
Quite like reining Plato’s horses,
Drives the vessel to lose sight
Of what is wrong and what is right.


One half impatiently waits to see
What lies ahead of me
(This is the part that writes this).
Another side cannot believe
Beyond this tortuous road
There is nothing more than grief.


Today, I don’t want Hyde to be
I’ll drink that potion to cover it
I will shade my shadow from daylight
while concealing this plight:
In my dark well of sorrow
is where Hyde hides.

Midnight Autumn

Rhyme like you walk… aimlessly.

I walk alone, no one sees

Just my shadow beside me

Autumn leaves,

Fall under my feet

You’re not here, you have ghosted me.


Walking alone, not a soul to greet

Loneliness is, so damn steep

Acceptance is a pill that doesn’t digest

Stays stuck in the chest

It makes you explode, it turns you into a mess


Knock, knock, knock,


is there

A clatter of shoes,

Stepping with dare

Is it a stranger? A lover at last?

No, it’s just me, delusional outcast


Row, row, row your boat
Solitude is the way
The tears you cry will make
A lovely river one day



Anehdonia is a sin
Cast as curse, it remains

binds you with akin

Makes everything taste
Like bitter marmelade



Everything I want to feel,

Doesn’t come, doesn’t heal

Everything I want to say

Goes astray, anyway.


Pleasure is an alien word.

Leisure time, what is that?

Look for clues, shout to the world

Not an echo, just a blur.