Little Red “Hiding” Hood

I hide my pain with red stained lettering.

Situations are turned into paraboles.

Imagery, metaphors and synonyms

All make part of my tool kit.

I heal, with each line I inscribe,

Bit by bit.

Pain is life, suffering is optional.

Storytelling allows you to reframe.

You decide

Where will your suffering remain

Inside yourself or inside a paper frame

Heart of Crumbs

You shattered my heart, which broke into bits.
Like a jigsaw that’s missing a piece,
I can’t get complete.
You made crumbs out of our love
And you didn’t even scrap it off.
You had it crumpled up into a ball,
Making my feelings look small.
You denied we were good craic,
Only water off a duck’s back.
The ironies of love!
One sided connections,
Fuelled by distorted perceptions,
Sit heavy on this grated heart.
The weight causes it to get deflated.
For this longing never was but obliterated.
… Can it be love if it isn’t reciprocated?

Polarity Tides

(by DivaState)
You can lose everything,
But when you lose your sense of SELF,
Trust me, it is maddening!
You act like a fly, trapped inside a glass cup
Desperately trying to come out.
The effort is pointless, yet, you still doubt.
Haphazard flying only leaves you choked up.
Huffing and puffing,
Eventually, you give up.
You change your mind at any second:
I want it all… I want nothing!
The devil and angel
On your shoulders cling,
Constantly fighting to be beckoned.
If only I could escape from myself!
Unscrew my head, give me a break.
Stop this wishful ebb and flow tidal wave!
You say we find peace,
When we are asleep.
But my self is purely wicked.
It shakes and trembles,
Inside unconsciousness’ sheets.

Jet Setter

The joys of flying!
Such extraordinary feat!
A massive load of metal,
As heavy as concrete.
Swerving up in the sky,
As light as paper airplanes
Breaking clouds up high,
Flying over terrains.


The moment of tension!
It grasps everyone’s attention.
The aircraft takes off!
Not a breath or word is mentioned.


The airplane leans upwards,
Children shriek with fear and delight.
Other passengers hold on to their seats
Real tight.
I bet they are all fearing for their lives!


I, on the other hand, hold up a smirk.
Eyes wide open, ears perked up.
I remember, I used to pray to come out alive.
So I can see my family and friends, one more time.
Now, the aircraft flies high…


….and I don’t care.
I leave nothing,
No legacy, no heir.
I smile, for I am unfettered.
I have nothing to lose
My boat sails, unanchored.


No loved ones to get hurt,
No mark to be left in this world.
I vanish in thin air,
Like the aircraft that carries us all,
To a sunnier hub.

Fenrir’s Chant

You are the rarest wolf that has loped this land.
A lone cur with eyes bloody red
Your pelt, a mix of black and white,
Not in a pack, you don’t blend with your kind.
This wolf is my runaway bride.


I long to meet that wolf again.
Nothing causes more regret and pain,
Than having been your demise and bane.
You discarded me for secrets untold,
When all that I wanted was to uphold

Us as an omen of love and hope.


And so much love I thought I was gifting.

Yet, I gave him the poison I had taken.

This was no Romeo and Juliet staging!

Although Death came swaying,

Usurping a relationship, that could not be reawakened.


As a result, you exiled me from your world.

A den I never really entered in or abode.

Left me, to rot out in the cold.

No looking back, you trotted with a blindfold,

Indifferent to my screeching cajoles.


I found myself on that torturous road.

Without your dog as chaperone.

Stepping in obscurity, watching time unfold,

Searching for a new place to call home.


I stumbled upon a new horizon.

A fortress that stood in front of me,

Guarded a world I was yet to see.

The door was locked but I was the key.

A new tribe awaited with glee!


Their arms wide open, like their smiles,

Assured me, I had to walk no more miles.

I finally understood what this could mean:

I found a spot for my head to lean.

You were my catalyst for change.


Like an incurable infection that stays,

In my blood forever you will remain.

You will always be the one that got away.

Asking for Forgiveness is how I pray.


Thanks for your kick, it got me expelled

It set me moving, it drove me to hell.

I hit the bottom, I found myself

Thanks to this ride, that rejection propelled.


This tragedy has spurred my own reinvention.

As quick as you came, you left with apprehension.

Little do you know, you have caused a revolution inside my world.

I thank you for the pain that buried me whole.

I purged the filth, I cleansed my soul.


ps: I know I will never see you again.

Wishing you well… this is the end


Crowded Isolation

I am girl who nobody knows.
I wear a mask, when I am out there,
Always in a constant state of doze.
Dying inside, while gasping for air.
Smiling to all, holding up my nose.
Pretending I got it all under control.
Nobody sees, pain seeps
Through my bulging veins.
Feel like a creature that has no reins.
Somebody help!
They tried….they can’t entertain.
She wants to connect, but does not know,
How to stay interested in their prose.
“Let’s speak about our existential bursts!”
They look at me like I have just cursed,
Resuming talks about others and their clothes.
Mind starts wondering, spirit drifts.
Only flesh stays, causing self to rift.
Pretending to listen,
I cannot bear, anyhow…
Alone I stand, enveloped in the crowd.
The ground shakes and vanishes beneath my feet.
A lunatic yearning fills my chest with defeat.
‘Tis overwhelming, the mask starts tearing!
Exploding inside, beyond repairing.
Poor weird girl!
She locks herself in the toilet,
Typing words on Evernote,
Hoping life one day will make sense
And seclusion won’t feel as intense