The end of the year is near! Thank you for everyone that has stopped by, read and specially the ones who commented and keep coming back, from time to time.

I appreciate you dearly. This year was an absolute hell of a year… but it gave me something I will carry with me forever. And forever I will be thankful to have poetry in my life, as self-therapy.

Let’s make 2018 an even greater year.

I hope everyone is happy and safe tonight.


I am grateful!

Luiza aka Divastate Daplaths


As the end of the year comes near
And prostrates on my feet.
In between the Christmas cheers
And the partying on New Year’s Eve,
I reflect on the lessons that came to be.
I slowly rewind and reverse the sight,
It was the most transformative year of my life!

How can one cherry pick, the biggest learning, on a field of cherried-lesson-nuggets?
So I will lay them out side by side,
For those lessons are chained to each other, like partners in crime.
The rule of impermanence: everything changes, nothing stays the same. ‘This the flow of life, so do not get attached to anything.
You will lose, if you try to grip.
Losses and wins, that’s your jeopardy wheel, life spins.
Thus, egocentric human beings, we have no power to impede
This current that sweeps us all in a bleep.

Truth does not exist.
Reality is perception
Do not try to insist
In making your beliefs, the exception.
Once you admit:
Little do you know,
Active listening will permit
Insight into another’s world.

These lessons are branded on my bones
They need reminding, as time moves on
Though blood was spilled,
Please, do forgive.
Before a new year comes to greet,
Accept these premises and you’ll happily live.


Electric Stars

All the sparkly stimuli
Brightens up the blacked out sky
It glistens these bare trunks
Pumping shine into those spunks
In pursuit of starry lights…
We thump.

Loss at Christmas

For Christmas you invited me

An extra plate was placed.

With too much Irish whiskey tea

No time commitment made.

Words got rambled and downed.

Regarded replies got silenced

Brain got dozed, fog-bound.

Greeting cards left, unsigned.

Ownership was never to be seen

Own sanity was put at risk

It rose up the inner banshee

In anger, the body frisked.

Christmas spent, a forlorn day,

No charades to decipher,

No one with whom to play.

Only that,

With a best friend like this,

Who needs enemies?

I put up no Christmas tree

Why would you

When you have no one to gift

And nothing to receive?

No buffet to make

No one to serve or taste.

No need to eat, no chance to feast.

No Communicating,

No celebrating.

No magical moments

No congregating.

I was lead to believe

There was a place for me to sit

At your table,

Where your family tells tales

Of Christmas long-lived.

And here I am, lying in my bed

It is Christmas day

Please don’t be sad

Not today.

The only sadness that pertains,

Is not that I’ve no gifts displayed.

I’ve no meetings to attend

I gained nothing, I lost a friend.

The Winds That Carry the Carols



My heart is not for sale.

Not a goodie to be wrapped
But a precious holy grail.
All the magic in this chest
Cannot send it through the mail.
Only by the vocal waves

These words, in your ears rave.

As tonight the wind blows

Whisper singing sounds

May you hear my Christmas carols

Defiling your surrounds.

Poetry Speaks

A gaze at your Instagram feed…
Everyone is writing poetry!
One might be inclined to think
What makes, one, a self entitled poet?

Rather than worrying about their reach,
I smile and preach:
This is our new way of living
Welcome to the new way of speaking!
Where everything sounds like songs
Or Shakespearean plays.
The poet within us, rise from the crypt
To rhyme their lives away.

Love Wound S


Like raindrops resting on battered asphalt

Tears, I carry in the holes of my heart.

Still I choose the roughness of the stone,

Over a smooth, washed out pearl.

There is no excuse,

I love when I get bruised.


It is because we get burned that we know we have loved. It also shows us, we are alive! Pain is a human condition so embrace it!