When the Sun Says: Nay

When the Sun Says: Nay

Though a day is on my doorway,
The sun has decided to hide.
He lays asleep,
covered by cloudy sheets,
Despite being bright outside.

This charred bleached meat
No vitamin d for taste,
No sparks to rejuvenate.
Engrossed by the lack of rays.

The sun decides on a strike
He will not come out to play.
He’s tired of our gripes
That is why he is delayed.


Rooted Infatuation

This is my poem in response to the prompt #infatuation by my dearest @eyewrote.it made me question what is infatuation. And is infatuation on a lower scale than love? At first glance we would say, sure. But infatuation can be gripping and it can work as a strong current. So, only you can tell what you have felt in your heart. And in the end, infatuation might lead you to love….for your own amazing self!
Rooted Infatuation

Our spirit and our torsos only met twice.

We carelessly exchanged our fluids in those times.

It barely lasted all the brevity of months

But the learning granted, cannot be trumped.

Rejection enabled me to find myself.

In hate, I met self-love, which cannot be repelled.

Infatuation is just the beginning of love.

It gets stamped on your face like that stubborn silly smirk.

It’s an invisible feather tickling on your skin,

Dilating your pupils and chattering the chin.

I ask thee: was this infatuation

Or was it all sheer misconception?

I much rather call this – a stunted love.

A love that never got – the chance to grow.


There are people these days who are either too scared, busy or not bothered to meet and be around you. When you encounter such individuals, what does that serve you? It serves to remind you who do you want to be around. People who are unafraid, go getters. People that make life happen, not the ones who wait for it to happen to them. There is always a lesson, hiding everywhere.

The way people set goals
Is the way the set up a date.

If they don’t set delineated goals

If they don’t arrange a time and a place.

They don’t know where to go.

No souls encounter one other

Or goals that are set, go no further.

The losses are yours, who won’t know.

The prize you will lose for being slow.

Colour Blind

I had written this poem and I had stopped on the first paragraph (grey being the last word). But today was such a blissful day! It was uber sunny – yet, still freezing – I met friends and felt nourished where was I lacking. So, while cycling home those other lines came out. It is ok being colour blind…once you can change the sights, you can change your inner state. If anyone ever seems me cycling, I am not having a seizure. I am just having the best time while I dance on my bike ( disclaimer: not recommended and highly dangerous) . . . Colour Blind I am bewildered by the wideness of this world! With periscopic sight, I see a palette of colours. Despite, at times, black and white Are the only paint that animate. It swirls in a spiral, mixing both Blending into one, tainting my soul grey. But hold on to your seat and sit tight. The rays of the sun serve to highlight. The alacrity of shapes and signs, The intensity of unseen designs. A glorious morning will come, After this grimm eventide. The sun beams while you rhyme and dance on your bike.

Boys & Their Toys





This is my response to the prompt #brokendoll. I was tagged by @eyewrote. please do check her one also!

Boys & their toys

I allowed you to use me as your toy,

Grasping hands that alluded you’re a boy.

If only you had not dropped me like a tennis ball.

Our games would have remained amicable.

When one does not tend for their belongings

Loss and depredation is only forthcoming.

I offered you, my love, so kindly.

You took and tore it like a string

Now this doll is functioning “on repeat”

She cries and cries herself to sleep

The result of it all?

This love has left,

a sad broken doll.

End-less Doubts

I was tagged by the ever so blissful @serenadingwinds to come up with lines for the #sorrow prompt. This word is a friend of mine and likes to figure in many of my poems, sometimes disguised as some-word-else!
These few lines seek to demonstrate the difficulty we all experience while juggling extremes in the search for a more balanced life, needs and our sense of self. Right now? I fight against this resistance … for the heart asks many questions, insatiably. I am sure many will feel the same, so by opening up, we realise…it is part of this human experience we all signed up to back then!
Let’s just ride the ups and downs it has granted us…tomorrow will be a new day!

End-less Doubts

Why is it that the heart seeks novelty?
Why does the heart crave company?
Why not accept conditions as they are given?
Why do we struggle to match our desires to our needs?

Oh! This sorrow will always persist!
Despite of where the torchlight aims,
Despite of awareness brought by old age.

Accepting erraticism as natural,
Makes life less confusing and irrational.