A Cocoon For You

 The first separation and abandonment we go through is when they pull us out of the womb. And as David Bowie says (Blackstar)= we were born upside down! 🎶
This poem touches on the topic of attachment/separation. How much  can you give yourself until you lose yourself fully?There is a process we all go through called “identification”. When we like something, we identify with it. We take a piece of it – be it person or object and we absorb it into our concept of self. This is why letting go of others can be so strenuous. But we are more than human glue! We are THE glue that sticks not what is glued upon. Find this goo that makes you, you! .
A Cocoon For You
Life is separation.
It arises out of.
There we once were, such a comfortable parlour
Until the forces of gravity and more
Pushes you out into the world.
You once were two and now resting riven.
My father once spoke: you are born alone
and alone you shall exit.
I see it differently.
I was both butterfly, larvae and cocoon,
Until I turned human.
We all do.
We enter this life as an enmeshed being
To be torn apart so both can continue living
Our constant desire to pair
and fit bodies, through a puzzling activity
Holds the same ginger bite
than our primal survival instinct
That tells you’re number one, in priority
And the juggling is all your doing
Living life seeking a cocoon
That will let you enter it as it enters you
Until another larvae sprouts, helping the process move.


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