Narcissus, The Shadow

Originally published at the New Ulster Magazine, Issue 65, February 2018. Inspired by the obvious myth and also by something I experienced once. I found Narcissus just underneath me, when I felt lonely. I, thus, realised I had a partner beside me, all along. And so, we danced on the beach for days (true story).


Narcissus, The Shadow



I was dancing Under the Sun, the brightest star.
When, like Peter Pan he came
And took me by the arm.
His feet joined mine, what a delight!
We danced according to the rite.
The harmony of movement,
The right amount of space,
All indicate
There is no better partner to embrace.
He never criticises or tells you to shut up
He never leaves before you
He remains ’till time is up.
Narcisus is ever present, he is always within
Whenever I feel lonely
All I need is to call upon him.
My dusky mirror, my own reflection!
Unlike the specters that drag me down,
This shadow Only comes out
When there is light in my direction.
For this ghost is no dead weight.
As a welcomed breeze on a warm day,
This shadow is my best mate.
So, I’ ll let the sunlight be my crown,
While I look down at the ground.
See my shadow joining me,
Through the bottoms of our feet. .


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