A Rogation for Pardon


I don’t believe in God. But that day, I did pray.



A Rogation for Pardon



I don’t plead to “God”, I follow no religion
But I light up a candle, Asking for your forgiveness,
Whenever I enter a church.
I write prayers to be told, In thy name, be extolled.
Requesting transmutation,
To turn wrath and dolor.
Into light and love,
in your consideration.
If this has any effect, I will never know
Good intentions, nonetheless, bold.
Unconditional love requires no reply, No need to know.

The stained glass “hipnoteyes”
Artistic mysticism of silent cries
Frozen into colours, erupting heavy sighs.
Reminds me of what inspires your might.

Next time, I’ll light up candles for my soul
Because a half of me, needs to let go.
I forgive myself, for loving too much
for seeking so much approval In longing for human touch.

I depart from this Glasgow church.
A solemn piece of humanity, I leave behind.
Wishing you could love as I,
Wishing you could see life, with a twinkle in the eye.

The tune changes as the pace speeds
Thanks Universe for helping me practice detachment and acceptance
as I yield my own forgiveness
despite these bleeding cuticles and hands of resistance.
they touch one another, like angels in oration
gripping onto my own insistence
in listening to any lessons, this life reasons.


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