Thank you to anyone who has ever read any of my mental diarrhoea. I write about feelings that have not been acknowledged. Everytime someone liked or commented on, you have no idea, you were helping me heal my wounds. But as you can tell, there is more healing to be done. It is a lifetime’s work and this is a freak Truman show.






A real troupe was needed to deal with the damage.
The debris of your dilemma. Do you love me or not? It would depend on the weather.
A lifetime of breath mouth

To reawaken this girl’s heart
The puffs and puffs they inhaled in her

Was not enough to revive dead parts

So they left, for the vultures to peck.
Hovering over that dead meat
They get sickened by her state of unrepair.

So, they, too, left.
Not even death’s angels want a piece of that.


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