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Spoken Words

I feel my creativity being calcified.
When you live a task oriented life,
Your inner child cries.
Hence, when I have free time, I go wild.



Disclaimer: do not attempt to cycle and dance at the same time or if you do, know the consequences. I have recently been into an accident and I am bruised as a result, but I don’t mind.

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Deep Diver

Deep Diver
People’s heart are like swimming pools. And I want to dive deep.

When they get close to mine

They want shallow land.
So they flea*.

Afraid to jump?
Your heard will crack and that is the end of we.
Some people do not want you in their divinity pool. Hence why I’m head deep in mine.



As the sky clears
The heavy dark clouds disperse
Light shines in
Through this constrained humidity
Waiting for thunder, to be set free.
Though when you have clarity
Darkness gets disintegrated
Wet particles dissolve with ease
No need to flood terrains
Clarity absorbs the pain
Turning into one, gestating wisdom at the strike of dawn.