The Rabbit Puzzled Hole



Alice Series II – The Puzzled Hole
The rabbit has once taught this girl:
To enter a magical world you must first pass through a hole!
If only she had known, she has been digging this all along.
And the mountain has toppled over on
She has been buried since she had a fall.
Not in Wonderland. This is the “Never Ever More”  home.
Into the well you reach to dwell
On the beheadings of the quelled.
Slayed by the Queen of Rotten Hell
Orders that the Queen of Hearts yells.

At the blackout couchless lair,
You hear the Caterpillar say
“Who am I?” She asks again.
She wants to know,  nothing.
The answer is where you dive in.
But “in” is where I have mostly lived
Who are you? And which movie is this?
The echoes rewind on repeat.
This world has become obsolete.
To find myself on their cemetery,
Pieces of me, they all carry.
In order to finally taste the fuller truffle. “See yourself in the other” that is how we fit these inner puzzles.
*I did not invent the concept “see yourself in the other” I have heard it in the psychotherapeutic and spiritual fields.


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