Control Or Flow

The need for control. I naively thought I could keep pain and worries away by looking ahead… how can you see, when there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, blinding your next step? We all walk this unknown path, which is life, unaware of what is to come next, but some of us think they have walked this path before, thus, they think they know the way. Others, fear the dangers lurking and utilise planning as protection. Rather than planning your trip, just let the path take you and trust it is a safe and happy place. Release the illusion you are in control and enjoy the journey.


Dream State


Enter the rabbit hole

Get me into the mood

Put on Joy Division

Listen to it in loop


Anxiety bubbles in

Like ants crawling inside

Fingers are chewed up

Sit or stand? Can’t decide


Staring at the blank wall

I put on my VR goggles

Escape from reality’s decay

World is out, as I boggle


Derealisation sinks in,

Frightening haze blows in my face

My life is like a movie

That I watch, but never play


No steps of salvation to pursue

No gods left to hollow to

I am groundless, shelter-free

I have nothing to hold onto


Ever since you came and left

I live in a constant dream state

In there, you are mine all the time

Don’t want this trance to terminate.


Self partitioned, life goes on.

Heart and mind live in another dimension

While Body showcases an empty citizen’s pretension

Life is a dream, when reality stinks!

*Thank you AiKei for letting me use your drawing to compose my poetry not only through words but by images.

Check this artist out on:

Jekyll and Hyde’s Abode

I am not one, but many beings.
I morph, adapt and fit to the scene.
Jekyll and Hyde are cramped inside
And they come out
Depending on who you inv(c) ite.


Jekyll and Hyde can’t help but fight.
A constant pull and a push of forces
Quite like reining Plato’s horses,
Drives the vessel to lose sight
Of what is wrong and what is right.


One half impatiently waits to see
What lies ahead of me
(This is the part that writes this).
Another side cannot believe
Beyond this tortuous road
There is nothing more than grief.


Today, I don’t want Hyde to be
I’ll drink that potion to cover it
I will shade my shadow from daylight
while concealing this plight:
In my dark well of sorrow
is where Hyde hides.