City Encounters

Who said loneliness is not tangible?
It is the phone that doesn’t ring
Or the finger taps that don’t please.
All those people in your feed,
Shutting their blinds down
On your window screen.

So, I download that app and walk around
Hoping our paths cross around town.
The red light beeps
Like my heart beats that bleeds
It is not a notification,
But my battery that ceases.

Town is buzzing, eyes are crossing
Heads are turning, men are watching.
Ripped jeans and some fake tan whiff.
Going out for a drink?
Ain’t nothing better than this?
How about a bicycle trip?


Edinburgh Haze

Edinburgh Haze

My poetry got wings, it landed in Edinburgh City
It’s cold, breezy and dark, it’s not, yet, even evening.
Where are these men with tartan skirts?
I want to bag their pipes, they want their bagpipes to be heard.
I want to see the Loch Ness erupt.
From swampy waters, undeterred.

So far it seems quite different, from where my spirit lives.
I’m reminded of this partition, when I need to pay any fees
And when listening to quirky accents, as Scottish people speak.

The modern toppled buildings, reminders of my previous life
Old structures elevate the neck, causing shimmers in the eye.
The novelty of all, that can be absorbed
Is captured by these optic nerves.
Be it windows, doors, graffiti.
Nothing here goes unobserved.
A new city tastes like the freshness
Of coffee smell on a morning rise.
As Nan Sheperd once said: “It’s a grand thing to get leave to live”,
So I’ll follow her advice.
I enjoy my holiday in the land of brave hearts.
Hearing kingfishers sing, as the moon makes her depart.


Edinburgh is a magical city and many birds sing through out the night!

The end of the year is near! Thank you for everyone that has stopped by, read and specially the ones who commented and keep coming back, from time to time.

I appreciate you dearly. This year was an absolute hell of a year… but it gave me something I will carry with me forever. And forever I will be thankful to have poetry in my life, as self-therapy.

Let’s make 2018 an even greater year.

I hope everyone is happy and safe tonight.


I am grateful!

Luiza aka Divastate Daplaths


As the end of the year comes near
And prostrates on my feet.
In between the Christmas cheers
And the partying on New Year’s Eve,
I reflect on the lessons that came to be.
I slowly rewind and reverse the sight,
It was the most transformative year of my life!

How can one cherry pick, the biggest learning, on a field of cherried-lesson-nuggets?
So I will lay them out side by side,
For those lessons are chained to each other, like partners in crime.
The rule of impermanence: everything changes, nothing stays the same. ‘This the flow of life, so do not get attached to anything.
You will lose, if you try to grip.
Losses and wins, that’s your jeopardy wheel, life spins.
Thus, egocentric human beings, we have no power to impede
This current that sweeps us all in a bleep.

Truth does not exist.
Reality is perception
Do not try to insist
In making your beliefs, the exception.
Once you admit:
Little do you know,
Active listening will permit
Insight into another’s world.

These lessons are branded on my bones
They need reminding, as time moves on
Though blood was spilled,
Please, do forgive.
Before a new year comes to greet,
Accept these premises and you’ll happily live.

Control Or Flow

The need for control. I naively thought I could keep pain and worries away by looking ahead… how can you see, when there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, blinding your next step? We all walk this unknown path, which is life, unaware of what is to come next, but some of us think they have walked this path before, thus, they think they know the way. Others, fear the dangers lurking and utilise planning as protection. Rather than planning your trip, just let the path take you and trust it is a safe and happy place. Release the illusion you are in control and enjoy the journey.

Heart of Crumbs

You shattered my heart, which broke into bits.
Like a jigsaw that’s missing a piece,
I can’t get complete.
You made crumbs out of our love
And you didn’t even scrap it off.
You had it crumpled up into a ball,
Making my feelings look small.
You denied we were good craic,
Only water off a duck’s back.
The ironies of love!
One sided connections,
Fuelled by distorted perceptions,
Sit heavy on this grated heart.
The weight causes it to get deflated.
For this longing never was but obliterated.
… Can it be love if it isn’t reciprocated?

Crowded Isolation

I am girl who nobody knows.
I wear a mask, when I am out there,
Always in a constant state of doze.
Dying inside, while gasping for air.
Smiling to all, holding up my nose.
Pretending I got it all under control.
Nobody sees, pain seeps
Through my bulging veins.
Feel like a creature that has no reins.
Somebody help!
They tried….they can’t entertain.
She wants to connect, but does not know,
How to stay interested in their prose.
“Let’s speak about our existential bursts!”
They look at me like I have just cursed,
Resuming talks about others and their clothes.
Mind starts wondering, spirit drifts.
Only flesh stays, causing self to rift.
Pretending to listen,
I cannot bear, anyhow…
Alone I stand, enveloped in the crowd.
The ground shakes and vanishes beneath my feet.
A lunatic yearning fills my chest with defeat.
‘Tis overwhelming, the mask starts tearing!
Exploding inside, beyond repairing.
Poor weird girl!
She locks herself in the toilet,
Typing words on Evernote,
Hoping life one day will make sense
And seclusion won’t feel as intense