Winter Thoughts

How I love winter! The cold does not mean hibernation! It means skin-shedding recreation.

Time for more metamorphic transformation!



What shall be your eulogy hymn? Work backwards. Find out how you wish to have lived and set this dream in motion!
Do not follow the ordinary tracks… it does not lead to the treasure at the end, not if you walk on concrete. Walk on rainbow, instead.


On the chalkboard of life
What do you want to inscribe?
Tomb-ble down
Merry it’round
Live how you want it to be.

Once you exit the land of the living.
What is this anthem,
That you will sing,
Before embarking
On an everlasting sleep?

Pareidolia Love

The rhythm is faster than I would have wished. I just wanted to fit it all into 1min.

Sorry if it is a bit muffled but I am using my phone as a mic.


Pareidolia Love

I am the face on this tree,
The face that all sees.
I carved our bleeding names onto it
And I circled it into a heart.
But I can’t find this tree no more.
I’ve been banned from that park
I am left to wander and look for parts
of memories left, in the forests of my past.

A date into the city burrows,
I saw the tombs where monks got buried.
I went where you saw Irish ship,
We kissed just right beside those trees.

Your dog was frolicking in the soil
The rain was pouring, but it was no toil
My feet got soaked, yet, you dried me
With lots of hugs and fleshy heat.

I look back and reminisce,
This was a real lived romance!
I then, wake up without your kiss
Was this a dream? Or just a trance.

I’ll let my eyes be on this tree
So it shall always look at thee.
Protecting you, when passing b,
Inattentive to my guise.

7wordstory prompt!

This is why poetry and storytelling is so important! It helps us understand its healing powers. Through relating to what has been written, we learn, we are not alone. Those feelings are felt by many, those experiences are lived by many. We feel understood, we feel connected. We feel, as one.
I was asked to come up with a #7wordstory. I could not decide on which one to go with, so I wrote 2, on the same theme… hope I am not cheating haha.
Picture taken at Glasgow Necropolis, by myself.

Loss at Christmas

For Christmas you invited me

An extra plate was placed.

With too much Irish whiskey tea

No time commitment made.

Words got rambled and downed.

Regarded replies got silenced

Brain got dozed, fog-bound.

Greeting cards left, unsigned.

Ownership was never to be seen

Own sanity was put at risk

It rose up the inner banshee

In anger, the body frisked.

Christmas spent, a forlorn day,

No charades to decipher,

No one with whom to play.

Only that,

With a best friend like this,

Who needs enemies?

I put up no Christmas tree

Why would you

When you have no one to gift

And nothing to receive?

No buffet to make

No one to serve or taste.

No need to eat, no chance to feast.

No Communicating,

No celebrating.

No magical moments

No congregating.

I was lead to believe

There was a place for me to sit

At your table,

Where your family tells tales

Of Christmas long-lived.

And here I am, lying in my bed

It is Christmas day

Please don’t be sad

Not today.

The only sadness that pertains,

Is not that I’ve no gifts displayed.

I’ve no meetings to attend

I gained nothing, I lost a friend.

The Winds That Carry the Carols



My heart is not for sale.

Not a goodie to be wrapped
But a precious holy grail.
All the magic in this chest
Cannot send it through the mail.
Only by the vocal waves

These words, in your ears rave.

As tonight the wind blows

Whisper singing sounds

May you hear my Christmas carols

Defiling your surrounds.

Love Wound S


Like raindrops resting on battered asphalt

Tears, I carry in the holes of my heart.

Still I choose the roughness of the stone,

Over a smooth, washed out pearl.

There is no excuse,

I love when I get bruised.


It is because we get burned that we know we have loved. It also shows us, we are alive! Pain is a human condition so embrace it!