Virtual Harakiri




You’ve left this digital space
It seems, not only I, devastate.
This realm of virtual overwhelm
Where you used to co-create.
I mourn a death, like they do in old time sakes.
Only, the information is not delayed.
This notification, is heralded in a fast pace.
You can see it, straight away.
Like a slap in the face,
A goodbye note that is left
And cannot be retraced.
You are now, more gone than before.
There’s no more peeping through window blinds, no reason for.
When the person exits your virtual world
You cannot knock on their door anymore.
They leave a blank space in your analogue globe.
Like an empty house, where memories are forlorn.
You type and retype and seek for a shortcut
But you only waste time,
Trepidation waves in the gut.
Suddenly, you have a hole, between your chest and bones.
Then, you learn
Against death, there’s no winning.
Let the questions burn
Ignorance keeps your head from spinning!



Electric Stars

All the sparkly stimuli
Brightens up the blacked out sky
It glistens these bare trunks
Pumping shine into those spunks
In pursuit of starry lights…
We thump.

Jet Setter

The joys of flying!
Such extraordinary feat!
A massive load of metal,
As heavy as concrete.
Swerving up in the sky,
As light as paper airplanes
Breaking clouds up high,
Flying over terrains.


The moment of tension!
It grasps everyone’s attention.
The aircraft takes off!
Not a breath or word is mentioned.


The airplane leans upwards,
Children shriek with fear and delight.
Other passengers hold on to their seats
Real tight.
I bet they are all fearing for their lives!


I, on the other hand, hold up a smirk.
Eyes wide open, ears perked up.
I remember, I used to pray to come out alive.
So I can see my family and friends, one more time.
Now, the aircraft flies high…


….and I don’t care.
I leave nothing,
No legacy, no heir.
I smile, for I am unfettered.
I have nothing to lose
My boat sails, unanchored.


No loved ones to get hurt,
No mark to be left in this world.
I vanish in thin air,
Like the aircraft that carries us all,
To a sunnier hub.


It is hunting season.
Cover your ear
If you don’t want to hear
The loud bang around the city.
Oh, do you think I am out to catch deer?
Not really.
I am after the dirtiest beats and
awkwardest queers.

I’ll chain them with my legs…
They will enjoy it
And then I will crack their necks,
I’ll make them extinct
That is my venomous instinct:
Ephemeral flings.

The seams in the skin conceal
An inner burning flame
Only the eyes can reveal.
The predator moves with lustful temptation.
There is nothing more pungent
Than the power of intention.

A scent rests on the nose:
The target is found.
I set my eyes on the prize now.
I shoot and get up close,
I bite him from behind.
He never saw what hit him
There was no time to realise.

Chastity Belt

I wear a chastity belt…

I know I’m going to hell

I locked it up myself

And threw the key into that well


I’ll save Men from my shame

Whilst hiding my contagious passion

No one deserves to taste

Decaying flesh as ration.


The line below the waste

Is dangerous,

Any Men who enter these woods,

Would have to be courageous.


The triangle door is protected

By small red leprechaun guards

Men come to then be ejected

From this land of blood and scabs.


The queen of rotten roars:

Nobody comes to the wetlands!

Her lips are lethal and gore,

The venom spills from her glands.

Gypsy Curse

Shush bitter baby don’t you cry

One day we are all going to die

Turn into flesh and bone and ash

Food for worms, we turn (in) to mash.


Look in the mirror, what do you see?

You littleblood, come sing with me!

Rotten, putrid, callous, fake

The skeletons in my closet don’t eat cake.


I sit under the oracle tree

Asking the gypsies for a plea:

Bring my Munnin back to me!

I caw, I flap, I warble, I shed

Despair is what is summoned instead.


Movement is absent, time elapses

Paralysis is lifestyle (while) the world collapses

The wind blows away memories and dreams.

Pain is what stays to accompany me

Turning my heart into ice cold

Useless piece of meat, filled with mold.