Pareidolia Love

The rhythm is faster than I would have wished. I just wanted to fit it all into 1min.

Sorry if it is a bit muffled but I am using my phone as a mic.


Pareidolia Love

I am the face on this tree,
The face that all sees.
I carved our bleeding names onto it
And I circled it into a heart.
But I can’t find this tree no more.
I’ve been banned from that park
I am left to wander and look for parts
of memories left, in the forests of my past.

A date into the city burrows,
I saw the tombs where monks got buried.
I went where you saw Irish ship,
We kissed just right beside those trees.

Your dog was frolicking in the soil
The rain was pouring, but it was no toil
My feet got soaked, yet, you dried me
With lots of hugs and fleshy heat.

I look back and reminisce,
This was a real lived romance!
I then, wake up without your kiss
Was this a dream? Or just a trance.

I’ll let my eyes be on this tree
So it shall always look at thee.
Protecting you, when passing b,
Inattentive to my guise.


Hurricane DivaState

A difficult way to rhyme…

As difficult as it is to look inside the darker side of our selves.

This poem represents the realisation we are all good / bad / murderers / saints… liars and honest.

Trying to come to terms with actions I do not condone in myself.


I am Diva-state. Where I step

all I take.

I consume you, then castrate

As you will see, I leave a trace.


A red stain lies in your face.

Betrayal, disgust, dirt, disgrace.

Like a bee, I pollinate the place.

Spreading shame, contaminating apes.


The beast within me wants to escape

Destroying all good in my space

A Taz, hurricane, contagious nutcase.

Will never be loved, for it squeezes all it takes.