Forbidden Look

Forbidden Look
The shrew committed omission.

It lead to her own conviction.

The witch was sentenced to the fire,

For falling for a vampire.

With toothpick, he pricked her eyes

He ordered: not allowed anymore,

To impinge in reading ghastly minds.

You cannot see what you adore.

The blood, that are tears, cannot hide,

That the stare persists for it cares.

You are, now, ever partially blind.

Unable to see what is out there.

In that arousing creative pool,

You cannot pirouette and dive.

You are not “too cool for school”,

Unworthy of kind goodbyes.
The vampire reference: my favourite romantic movie is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Angus is onto him… 🤣


Daisy Weed

The potatoh – po tato
They name these: weeds.
I call them, gifts.
Kindness does not cost a thing. Be nice to someone today! I picked these up and gifted it to myself the other day. Today, I’m giving it to someone who has had a difficult week. What can you do for someone today? And who shall it be?

Snack Alternatives

(unedited pic)

This is my drug of choice: olives!

Ever since I have changed jobs, my ways to deal with my heightened anxiety in work have, too, changed.

Our environment does delimit us. I used to work in retail. That meant, I’d walk and move a lot. This is great against anxiety.

I have a theory but no evidence…you can call it a myth, then. It seems many people who are anxious, contain more energy and are more energetic. They need to disperse it more often than other types. I heard something similar on that, in Ayurveda, which is a very difficult medicine to learn so I may be mistaken. Anyhow, that is how I feel. I’m a ball of energy who loves her coffee… So imagine that.

Now, that my work does not involve movement, my energy gets contained, as my anxiety. As many others, I resort to food for comfort. That is such a misconception. The anxiety stops when you eat but as soon as you finish chewing, it returns. That is how feelings work… We cannot distract ourselves from them, we repress them instead. Working through them, that is how you release it. Well, I’ve gotten hooked into sugar again and I was eating pretty clean – my preference – so now I am attempting to eat more healthy snacks, such as yum yum olives!

Next time you feel something in your tummy, question it. It may not be hunger but anger, frustration, hatred…figure out how to feed it and it may not be food it asks for.

Sugar Fiends

Sugar Fiends



I walk by a busy restaurant.
It is safe to say, a rehab hut.
All these junkies taking drugs.
Chewing for pure pleasure
Not for survival, but leisure.
They read newspapers and converse,
About others, who drink and smoke:
– Those pesky basket-case folk!
Their words are coated with sugar,
They wear a straight-edge cloak.

We judge the vices of a silly youth:
– Social media has them hooked and abused!
While diverting inner critical meters to outside use.
Pointing fingers is more fun-a-task,
Than finding own wounds to poke at.

Being human makes you overindulge.
It is necessary finding means to self-dose.
The question is not if but which
self-soothing drug is your best pick?

Forget any matters of legality!
Overconsumption is widespread in our society!
Even if you choose not to contribute to the materialist frenzy,
A lack of things satiates our desireless beings.
Unanimously, the stoics agree:
Not wise to live in the extremes.
Balance, as they say, is always the key.
We are, minimally, walking sober fiends.
Your coping mechanism provides you relief.
Regardless of what it is, you take too much in.
Be it exercising, praying, dreaming or loving.

Next time, when you think of condemning another human being
For their obvious addictions the eye is quick to see,
Answer it to yourself, with honesty:
in what ways am I over-lavishing
What am I, currently, obsessed with?
This is a painful inner earworm trip
That will make all our labels unstick.


Self inflicted infection,
Pairing of deliberate actions.
Here, team work cooperation,
Spawns wounds of infatuation.
Your finest chance for pleasure
Means costly prickly measure.
For the spinning wheel’s spike,
Will surely make you disliked.
Poisoning your purity,
Befouling toxicity.


Through the prism of I,
Eyes see you.
The grips of life it twines you to.
Who sees first? The ego or the eye? I believe the eye looks but the “I” sees. The eye observes but the I, judges. Once we see something, the mind then labels it through the lenses of “I”. We understand another through our own experiences. How we feel and perceive love, is how we will define love in our own internal world. Therefore, we may all know what love means semantically, but we never know what it means to the other. And that goes for many words.
Once the I sees, it looks within. This is how the brain generally works: it responds to new situations by trying to fit it into past ones. Check Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman if you want to better understand the thinking process. This book is interesting. He speaks of the “remembering self” and the “experiencing self” as separate compartments. It puts my mind at ease for feeling there are more than one residing within. I realise, I am not crazy… They just haven’t studied this brain yet! 🤣

The Bubble People

The Bubble People



The Bubble People
You can find all you need,
Inside the bubble world, that is
You are exactly the middle axis
From where life is viewed in.
Occasionally, bubbles may touch one other’s brim,
The ethereal wall that is invisible.
But a bubble is impenetrable.
No guest can long stay
As soon as one enters
Another is expelled away.
What remains, though,
It is you, the main embryo and conductor.
Some beings wish to bubble up
While others merrily stay where they are.
Truth is, silly girl, no one can inhabit another’s bubble,
It is unauthorised domain
As yours, and in this way,
We are able to contain
This tourniquet of meaning rooting and searching.
For if we saw our real multifaceted ways of being,
We would cease living.
So we continue, each on our own little garden world of aloneness,
Watching other conductors and their far grassier green bubbles.
Because we all live in our own little bubble gum world.