7wordstory prompt!

This is why poetry and storytelling is so important! It helps us understand its healing powers. Through relating to what has been written, we learn, we are not alone. Those feelings are felt by many, those experiences are lived by many. We feel understood, we feel connected. We feel, as one.
I was asked to come up with a #7wordstory. I could not decide on which one to go with, so I wrote 2, on the same theme… hope I am not cheating haha.
Picture taken at Glasgow Necropolis, by myself.


Poetry Speaks

A gaze at your Instagram feed…
Everyone is writing poetry!
One might be inclined to think
What makes, one, a self entitled poet?

Rather than worrying about their reach,
I smile and preach:
This is our new way of living
Welcome to the new way of speaking!
Where everything sounds like songs
Or Shakespearean plays.
The poet within us, rise from the crypt
To rhyme their lives away.