Snack Alternatives

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This is my drug of choice: olives!

Ever since I have changed jobs, my ways to deal with my heightened anxiety in work have, too, changed.

Our environment does delimit us. I used to work in retail. That meant, I’d walk and move a lot. This is great against anxiety.

I have a theory but no evidence…you can call it a myth, then. It seems many people who are anxious, contain more energy and are more energetic. They need to disperse it more often than other types. I heard something similar on that, in Ayurveda, which is a very difficult medicine to learn so I may be mistaken. Anyhow, that is how I feel. I’m a ball of energy who loves her coffee… So imagine that.

Now, that my work does not involve movement, my energy gets contained, as my anxiety. As many others, I resort to food for comfort. That is such a misconception. The anxiety stops when you eat but as soon as you finish chewing, it returns. That is how feelings work… We cannot distract ourselves from them, we repress them instead. Working through them, that is how you release it. Well, I’ve gotten hooked into sugar again and I was eating pretty clean – my preference – so now I am attempting to eat more healthy snacks, such as yum yum olives!

Next time you feel something in your tummy, question it. It may not be hunger but anger, frustration, hatred…figure out how to feed it and it may not be food it asks for.


The end of the year is near! Thank you for everyone that has stopped by, read and specially the ones who commented and keep coming back, from time to time.

I appreciate you dearly. This year was an absolute hell of a year… but it gave me something I will carry with me forever. And forever I will be thankful to have poetry in my life, as self-therapy.

Let’s make 2018 an even greater year.

I hope everyone is happy and safe tonight.


I am grateful!

Luiza aka Divastate Daplaths


As the end of the year comes near
And prostrates on my feet.
In between the Christmas cheers
And the partying on New Year’s Eve,
I reflect on the lessons that came to be.
I slowly rewind and reverse the sight,
It was the most transformative year of my life!

How can one cherry pick, the biggest learning, on a field of cherried-lesson-nuggets?
So I will lay them out side by side,
For those lessons are chained to each other, like partners in crime.
The rule of impermanence: everything changes, nothing stays the same. ‘This the flow of life, so do not get attached to anything.
You will lose, if you try to grip.
Losses and wins, that’s your jeopardy wheel, life spins.
Thus, egocentric human beings, we have no power to impede
This current that sweeps us all in a bleep.

Truth does not exist.
Reality is perception
Do not try to insist
In making your beliefs, the exception.
Once you admit:
Little do you know,
Active listening will permit
Insight into another’s world.

These lessons are branded on my bones
They need reminding, as time moves on
Though blood was spilled,
Please, do forgive.
Before a new year comes to greet,
Accept these premises and you’ll happily live.

Cheering Sylvia

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Oh pretty misunderstood soul, the Mother of Torment.
I look at those murky eyes, that carry so much intent.
Those grey piercing balls, that see nothing, but feel it all .
Come here, let me cradle you and swing you in my arms.
I live the pain you’ve lived, I want to rip it from our hearts.
Today I celebrate the joy of your existence,
Although you chose to leave us with stubborn insistence.
I’ll sing your name out loud, invite you to inhabit me.
We’ll jot down our lament, so we can set ourselves free.
I’ll care for you, my dear, I will plait Plath’s hair
Stay away from the kitchen, place your head on my lap.
Be my twisted guardian angel, be my best friend.
No one hears my tortured howl, only you can understand.
Sylvia Plath u were wrong,

You are loved… decades then.

Jekyll and Hyde’s Abode

I am not one, but many beings.
I morph, adapt and fit to the scene.
Jekyll and Hyde are cramped inside
And they come out
Depending on who you inv(c) ite.


Jekyll and Hyde can’t help but fight.
A constant pull and a push of forces
Quite like reining Plato’s horses,
Drives the vessel to lose sight
Of what is wrong and what is right.


One half impatiently waits to see
What lies ahead of me
(This is the part that writes this).
Another side cannot believe
Beyond this tortuous road
There is nothing more than grief.


Today, I don’t want Hyde to be
I’ll drink that potion to cover it
I will shade my shadow from daylight
while concealing this plight:
In my dark well of sorrow
is where Hyde hides.

Gypsy Curse

Shush bitter baby don’t you cry

One day we are all going to die

Turn into flesh and bone and ash

Food for worms, we turn (in) to mash.


Look in the mirror, what do you see?

You littleblood, come sing with me!

Rotten, putrid, callous, fake

The skeletons in my closet don’t eat cake.


I sit under the oracle tree

Asking the gypsies for a plea:

Bring my Munnin back to me!

I caw, I flap, I warble, I shed

Despair is what is summoned instead.


Movement is absent, time elapses

Paralysis is lifestyle (while) the world collapses

The wind blows away memories and dreams.

Pain is what stays to accompany me

Turning my heart into ice cold

Useless piece of meat, filled with mold.

Hurricane DivaState

A difficult way to rhyme…

As difficult as it is to look inside the darker side of our selves.

This poem represents the realisation we are all good / bad / murderers / saints… liars and honest.

Trying to come to terms with actions I do not condone in myself.


I am Diva-state. Where I step

all I take.

I consume you, then castrate

As you will see, I leave a trace.


A red stain lies in your face.

Betrayal, disgust, dirt, disgrace.

Like a bee, I pollinate the place.

Spreading shame, contaminating apes.


The beast within me wants to escape

Destroying all good in my space

A Taz, hurricane, contagious nutcase.

Will never be loved, for it squeezes all it takes.