Dream State


Enter the rabbit hole

Get me into the mood

Put on Joy Division

Listen to it in loop


Anxiety bubbles in

Like ants crawling inside

Fingers are chewed up

Sit or stand? Can’t decide


Staring at the blank wall

I put on my VR goggles

Escape from reality’s decay

World is out, as I boggle


Derealisation sinks in,

Frightening haze blows in my face

My life is like a movie

That I watch, but never play


No steps of salvation to pursue

No gods left to hollow to

I am groundless, shelter-free

I have nothing to hold onto


Ever since you came and left

I live in a constant dream state

In there, you are mine all the time

Don’t want this trance to terminate.


Self partitioned, life goes on.

Heart and mind live in another dimension

While Body showcases an empty citizen’s pretension

Life is a dream, when reality stinks!

*Thank you AiKei for letting me use your drawing to compose my poetry not only through words but by images.

Check this artist out on: http://aminoapps.com/page/drawingamino/4982581/aikei-36