Virtual Harakiri




You’ve left this digital space
It seems, not only I, devastate.
This realm of virtual overwhelm
Where you used to co-create.
I mourn a death, like they do in old time sakes.
Only, the information is not delayed.
This notification, is heralded in a fast pace.
You can see it, straight away.
Like a slap in the face,
A goodbye note that is left
And cannot be retraced.
You are now, more gone than before.
There’s no more peeping through window blinds, no reason for.
When the person exits your virtual world
You cannot knock on their door anymore.
They leave a blank space in your analogue globe.
Like an empty house, where memories are forlorn.
You type and retype and seek for a shortcut
But you only waste time,
Trepidation waves in the gut.
Suddenly, you have a hole, between your chest and bones.
Then, you learn
Against death, there’s no winning.
Let the questions burn
Ignorance keeps your head from spinning!



Electric Stars

All the sparkly stimuli
Brightens up the blacked out sky
It glistens these bare trunks
Pumping shine into those spunks
In pursuit of starry lights…
We thump.

Poetry Made Into a Song (Sound of Music)

I was tagged by the uplifting @serenadingwinds (on instagram) to come up with some poetry for a song! Music and poetry are twin sisters and I thought this was a great idea to go the extra mile… so I sang! It was fun!
I would like to also express my gratitude for anyone who has ever took the time to actually read and especially comment on what I write. I am forever humbled and excited to see so many of us utilising art and social media to talk about the stones that lie in our shoes. We all carry them, but no one sees, unless if we show it. Here are my rhymes:

“Together we unite through love for Poetry

Communicating with such artistry.
Reading and writing makes all our hearts bleed,

But it does get light,
No more heavy fluid plight.
Yes we can hold a moon beam in our hands,
Quite like the ink that spills off the pen

We sign on our lives

Our struggles, we divide

We erase the pain as we confide.
We stand together with our love for poetry

Communicating with such artistry! (melody off The Sound of Music Soundtrack – Maria)